7 Bag Looks That Will Never Go Out of Style

Julie Rose Vézina

Bags are not only a great way of making a fashion statement but they serve many purposes. This explains why people will need bags throughout their lives. Whether you are going to work, attending an event, hiking, or traveling, you will need a bag. You only need to understand the difference between different types of bags so that you may make a good choice. Depending on why you need a bag, you will have to look at various factors such as the size, strap, material used, color, and price among others. Let’s have a look at seven amazing bags that are timeless and that you can buy now knowing they will last and never go out of style.

The retro vintage bag

If you want to stand out, you need a retro handbag. These bags and totes look exceptionally good when you have a vintage inspired outfit. Currently, leather retro vintage bags are trending but you can never go wrong with a beaded one. These bags have different uses and they remain relevant despite the constant fashion changes. Most of the modern retro vintage handbags have several pockets for documents and cell phones.
Do not shy away from buying bright colors because they go well with most outfits. Do you know that retro handbags have been a favorite of most people since 1920s? This clearly shows that they are always fashionable. The best thing about these bags is that most of them are affordable and they come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. For a girlie chic look, retro bags and vintage handbags should not miss in your wardrobe.

The denim bag

If you think that denim will ever go out of style, you are definitely wrong. Denim is a long standing trend that has been there since 1873. You may wonder why people are always attracted to denim. Well, the material has several benefits. For example, it is a durable fabric that will last for decades if well maintained. It can withstand rough conditions and it still looks fashionable when it gets old or torn.
You can as well easily take care of denim since this material can be washed so you don’t have to worry about stubborn stains. To avoid shrinkage, pre-wash it. Denim bags are versatile and can be worn with your entire wardrobe for a cool and trendy street style. A denim bag will blend with any color of outfit. You also can wear your denim bag with a pair of jeans or jacket made of the same material but be carefull to not overdo the denim style.

The studded black bag

Are you looking for a bag that can look great for a night out? Look no further, a studded black bag is the best for night out chic. You like having fun so, for a rocker vibe style, this type of bag will not disappoint. A studded black bag will give you a killer look. The studs come in different arrangements, colors, material, and designs. If you want a rock star look, this type of bag is a must have.
A studded black bag can be made of leather or any other material. All types of outfits can go well with such a bag but nothing beat a killer pair of slim jeans with heals, or a flowy and sexy dress. The small size of the bag is also suitable for all your night out activities such as dancing and clubbing. Some studs can even reflect lights thus adding more glamor to your style. What else could you ask for?

The classic nude tote

This is yet another iconic bag that never goes out of fashion. They are a great way of keeping a casual vibe to any outfit. Nude tote bags are not only practical but also fun and a great fashion choice so you should have it in your closet. Are you looking for a bag that can blend with all types of outfits? The classic nude tote complements all colors and has a stylish look. The handles make it easy for you to carry. The bag can be of multiple uses. You can use it to carry your make up, gadgets, or small shopping items such as cosmetics. Choose one large enough to fit all your essentials for the day. You won’t need to carry another separate bag to accommodate all the things you need while going to an event after work since those go-to bag can surely accessorize your day and night styles. They also come in different materials such as canvas and nylon, but girls, we know that nothing beats genuine and PU leather.

The backpack purse

These bags keep the casual and athleisure vibe alive for sure. You can wear them over the shoulders but, at times, carrying a bag using your hands can be exhausting and limiting. Wearing them as backpack purse not only free your hands for your activities but they are less bulky than regular backpacks. They are not heavy to carry and most importantly, there are numerous stylish options for you. You will be in a good position to carry heavier items without feeling the pressure. What a good advantage for the young mom of babies and toddlers since you can carry your baby AND their stuff in style!
Some people refer to them as mini-backpacks due to their smaller size. A broad range of colors and styles are available for you to choose from. Additionally, they are great for all types of persona. Do you prefer a canvas backpack or a cowhide backpack? They all look great and you can be spoilt for choice especially when you also can find a faux leather backpack that looks just as a genuine leather one but at a much cheaper price tag.

The useful waist bag

Hollywood stars are rocking the fanny pack style for a while now and it's a good sign that this type of bag is very trendy. Waist bags are the thing right now. However, they have been there for decades. If you are looking for a belt bag to complete your stylish look, waist bags will do the trick. They give you a bold look and they make a fashion statement. Carrying essential items such as mobile phone, money and cards can be frustrating when you do not want to bring your big purse. In those time, you can comfortably carry such items without unnecessary worries in a waist bag. Fanny packs are also the perfect bag for outdoor concerts and shows since you can carry your drink and dance freely.

The casual hobo bag

You should also not miss a casual hobo bag in your wardrobe. They have a simple style that is classic and timeless. Casual hobo bags can be worn to work and also for outdoor events. If you need an everyday go to bag, the hobo is the best choice you can make. These bags not only provide enough space to carry all your essentials, they also show you have a good taste of fashionable street style.
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