Belt Bags Are Back In Style !

Posted by Julie Rose Vézina on

Just ask Kim Kardashian, little sist Kendall Jenner, or best friend Bella Hadid ! The trendsetter trio is wearing those small usefull bags as crossbody fashion bags since 2017 and 2018 will surely be THE year to rock that trend !

Belt bags, aka fanny packs, are THE fashion accessorie of the moment ! From a walk in the park, to a shopping spree, right to a night out in town with the girls, those tiny lilltle waist bags can fit in your cell phone, gloss and cards so your hands are free for your bags, drink or... whatever you want !

Those funtionnal little things are not only fashionable but they have the big advantage to keep both of your hands free. 

You do not have the budget to splurge on a Gucci belt bag ? Don't worry ! Lila's Beauty Bag has some very cute alternatives to offer !

1. Crocodile Design Chic Belt Bag

Crocodile Design Chic Belt Bag


2. Casual Black PU Belt Bag

Casual but chic Pu leather black belt bag

3. Luxury Paillettes Waist Pack

Luxury paillettes waist fanny pack bag

4. Flower Pattern Waist Pack

Flower Pattern Waist Pack

5. Vintage Genuine Leather Waist Pack

Vintage Genuine Leather Waist Pack in brown or black


6. PU Leather Alligator Waist Bag

PU Leather Alligator Waist Bag in blue




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