From Casual to Vintage, Despite of Handbags Trends, How to Choose the Best Bag Style For You!

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Handbags are not only a necessity but also a fashion statement nowadays. Do you know any woman without a handbag? You probably don’t know any woman who dislikes handbags. This tells that handbags are essential especially to women. It does not mean that men don’t carry bags but they rarely do. However, men are currently carrying bags to enhance their looks. Handbag discussion is a great topic that women love because it is something that is common and interesting to them.

Handbags come in various colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns. There is no point of sticking to one handbag when you have a wide range of them to choose from. Women who really value their looks and dressing have different bags for various occasions and outfits. Handbags are a great way of completing your style. However, you need to have a good understanding of different types of bags and what can look good on you. You have seen women who choose some types of bags that end up being a mismatch to their outfit. Choosing an outstanding handbag should be done carefully because it is not as easy as it sounds. You don’t want to waste your hard earned money buying a handbag that does not add value to your appearance. Below is a helpful guide that will help you to choose the best bag style.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Handbag

Although people have different tastes and preferences, there are those basic things that they all consider. For example, price is that factor that everyone considers whether they are filthy rich or poor. You might have other things in mind but these are the most basic things that you should consider before you spend your money on a handbag.

The style of a bag

Like earlier mentioned, we cannot exhaust describing all types of handbags. Designers all over the world are creative so expect different impressive designs that will leave you spoilt for choice. You should have in mind the style that best suits your clothes or body type. Do you mind wearing shoulder straps? What length of a strap can I feel comfortable carrying? If you get tired carrying handbags on your shoulder, you should consider other options such as a clutch purse. Clutches are not only light but they also add glamor to your outfit. Make sure that the clutch you buy blends well with your dressing.

If you will carry your bag for several hours continuously, you need a handbag that does not feel heavy from the carrying position. A shoulder bag with a long strap and a cross body bag are recommended. If you are not traveling for long hours, a handbag that has normal handles will serve you well.

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The color of a tote

This is one of the most considered factors when selecting bags for women. Never miss a black bag in your wardrobe. Black casual bags blend well with all types of clothes. Whether red, blue, white, purple, or green, you can never go wrong with a black handbag. Try out different textures because it is not okay to use the same bag every time.

Bags can be expensive. If you love fashion, you can spend all your earning tying to look fashionable. Forget fashion because it lasts for a short time. Focus on timeless handbags that look good on you. Avoid buying highly expensive bags if you cannot afford them. Also don’t be tempted to go for cheap bags that will last for a few months. Cheap is expensive! Save and buy a high quality bag even if it’s a bit expensive. Consider saving and buying several vintage bags which will not go out of fashion any time soon.
The size of a handbag

What do you often carry? If you are always carrying several gadgets, small handbags may not be suitable for you. Search handbags online and check on the size of the bag before you purchase it. If you only carry keys, a phone among other small necessities, purse bags are great. Have a tote bag if you always carry crucial make up, sunglasses, and notebooks. Ensure that the bag you carry fits all the content without stacking in a lot. Canvas tote bags are strong so you can have one for carrying your iPad or extra pair of shoes.

The accessories of a clutch

Wearing both gold and silver may look awkward. You want something with a memorable appearance. If you have silver necklaces and bracelets, look at the jewelry on the handbag and ensure that they match. It might be expensive to match both handbag and accessories in silver but it’s worth it. Don’t feel extravagant buying that pure leather handbag with golden straps. You will be amazed when your friends admire your outfit during a special event. It does matter whether they are night out bags, matching with accessories is something that should not be overlooked.

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The material of a bag

Most women find it natural to look at the durability of a handbag. Unless you are a superrich celebrity who can use a bag for only one occasion and discard it, don’t fall into the trap of less durable handbags. Let’s face it, you don’t want to keep buying a new bag every month because most good bags are expensive. Additionally, you should get value for your money. A good bag should serve you for several years. The big question is which types of material are durable? Well, there are numerous options for you to explore. Bags can be made from straw and crochet, nylon, suede, canvas, fabric, PU leather, genuine leather, denim, real fur, faux fur and PVC. Remember that some bags cannot be used for some occasions. Make sure to have a canvas bag in your wardrobe because it is strong and durable. You can carry heavy items such as laptops and food in it.

A tote for daily use

There are those who prefer buying a bag that is suitable for their daily use. If you go to work every morning, you may decide to have a few bags that you can randomly take for use. If you don’t have such a handbag, you will spend almost twenty minutes deciding whether a particular handbag is suitable for use. There are those handbags that you preserve to wear at special occasions only. Those are the expensive ones that have a sentimental value.

If you want a bag for daily use, quality should come first. Most cheap handbags are of poor quality. The size of a daily bag should be relatively big to allow you to carry essential items. The bag should be big enough to allow you to carry smaller handbags. Try out a leather bucket bag and satchel bag for your everyday use and you will not be disappointed. As soon as you get to work, you might need to move about so you need a smaller bag because carrying a large handbag is cumbersome. That’s when these smaller handbags such as hobo bags, leather messenger bag, and clutches come into play.

Every woman needs a backpack

Most backpacks can be used by both men and women. Can we exhaust the use of backpacks? That is not possible. It is important to address backpacks because they are not only useful but a favorite to most people. You should not miss one in your wardrobe. Suppose you and your lover are planning for a camp, your handbag will not fit every essential item you need for the trip. A leather backpack will carry the day. You can carry numerous items without the worry of it tearing. And you will still be stylish!

There are backpacks for women if you want one for your daily use. In such a case, you want something elegant. There are cute backpacks out there so don’t limit yourself to backpacks that use used by both men and women. For those in college, a mini backpack will serve you well under different occasions. We cannot discuss these types of handbags without mentioning a backpack purse. Whether it is made of leather or suede, ensure that it attracts you.

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Handbags for Different Body types

This must be the part that you were waiting for. It is quite interesting to sample different handbags and try them on women. People have different body types and complexion so what looks great on someone may look horrible on you. However harsh it sounds, it is the sad reality. Take your time and understand your body type and what can look good on you. If we all carried the same type of handbag, it would be boring. That is why diversity brings beauty. Let’s go straight into these interesting ideas.

Tall but Thin Women

Women who are tall and thin are the luckiest when it comes to choosing different styles of handbags. Is it okay to say that all styles of handbags look great on them?  There are exceptions anyway so let’s not conclude yet. If you are this type, go ahead and try elegant clutches, shoulder bags, backpacks, and knapsacks and find the most beautiful one for you. It is advisable that you avoid handbags that are too small because they tend to make you taller. Whether selecting beach bags or winterbags, it is recommended that you look for large and medium sized handbags. You can also try some totes  with big prints.

Rounded women

If you have wide hips, there is something special for you. A great handbag for you should shift attention to other parts of the body because your hips already grab attention. Look for a medium sized colorful handbag. Did we mention that its straps should be short? Now you know. Shoulder bags may not be suitable for you because they make your hips look wider. Place your small handbag under your arm and walk with oozing confidence.

Athletic Figure

If this is the body you die for, remember that not all handbags are good for you. Avoid handbags that are of similar styles if your body type is angular. Do you know that rectangular clutches as well as narrow handbags give simplicity and roughness to your body type? When you go shopping for evening bags, try rounded bags with interesting details. If you find one that has studs on the handles or straps, don’t leave it behind.

Plus size figure

Plus size women must be cautious when choosing handbags as well. Well-tailored medium-sized handbags are magical. If you are one of them, try out oversized clutches or large bags with bright prints. It is important to note that tiny handbags as well as small clutches should be part of your wardrobe. One golden rule that you should always have in mind is that, a handbag should be the opposite of your figure.

Women with plus size figure should use bags with distinct shapes and well-defined structures. Color is also another important consideration especially when selecting a girlie fanny pack. Prints and colorful bags are great for tall girls. Monochrome and plain options are ideal for tiny girls. A black handbag remains at the center of all selections because it goes well with everything. Complement your figure and style with the right size and color of handbag.

Apple-shaped figure with a big bust

If you are the type of women with heavy shoulders and a big bust, don’t be left behind. There is something special for you. Attention must be shifted to the hip area for this body type. It is advisable that you go for handbags that have long straps and handles. Shoulder bags are recommended. You also can never go wrong with a messenger bag with a long strap. Carry your handbag over the arm and complete your look in style.

Are you not sure about which type of handbag is suitable for your small bust ? Worry not because you can complete it with clutches or short-handled bags. A big bust can also go well with small sized handbags with slim straps. This adds elegance to your overall look. Ensure that you also check on the material of the handbag. The material should match with the type of clothing you wear. For instance, with a leather jacket, you may consider buying a leather messenger handbag. All the same, leather handbags blend well with all types of clothing.

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