Handbags : Four Hot Spring Trends

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Bring something fresh and new to this sunfull season with a new trendy handbag and say bye bye to cold days and grey weather !

After the seasonal funk, here comes the upcoming spring trends we were waiting for. 

With these four trends, you will not only add some color to your wardrobe, but add some very outstanding accessories to it.

It’s now time to expand you handbag collection with these trendy fashion picks !


Trend #1: Ice Cream Colors

Gelato-inspired pastel hues are a classic spring fashion appeal. But this year those hanbags will put some spice on your monochromatic layered look.


Trend #2 : Bamboo

From bamboo top handle bags to all bamboo bags, this particular fashion trend is still going strong this year in the warm season style radar.

If you do not have the budget to get a real Gucci Bamboo handle bag, you can still get in the trend with these cheaper but really great LBB sleek and classic handbags made of natural bamboo. Iconic design will always be a good investment when it comes to style. .


Trend #3 : Straw

Summer vacation and beach lazy days ahead ? Your woven sraw bag will not only carry all you need under the sun but will surely lead you easily from spring look to summer heat fashion.


Trend #4 : Denim

EVERY woman need at least one or two classic jeans bags on her closet ! From a street walk to a chicks night in town, denim is all you need on your day to day style routine.

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