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You are trying to be as fashionable as possible. There is a bunch of new trends promoted by the magazines and TV. But, what is the problem? What they present is expensive as hell. All of it has a famous brand name behind. We talk about thousands of dollars here. It is not a small thing. Especially if you work for a lot less money, or have kids, or any other costs that lower your monthly income. When you sum it up, there is no way to buy any of these.

As all the women in this world, you adore bags. Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Gucci are just some of the most famous designers in the world. Some of the bags they are selling go up to millions of dollars. Those are probably the prices a few of people out there can think of. Let’s talk about some average versions and prices. For a Birkin bag, you should spend at least 9500$. What do you say? Right, it is less, but it is still a couple of average salaries. For a bag. Of course, you want it, but you can’t afford it.

Now we come to the point where millions or thousands of dollars seem the same. The designer bags are elusive from this point of view.

The purpose of a bag

But, wait… Is it really necessary to have a bag which costs that much? Will it improve your life? Will it make you happier? Did you think of all the other, more useful things you can buy for the same amount of money? Sometimes you just have to change the perspective. Any of these bloody expensive bags will bring you instant joy, but that will fade away very soon. The first enchantment will disappear as soon as you realize you have the bag. A few pictures for the social media, a few night outs, or business meetings, and the bag will become something normal. Maybe someone will say your bag is nice, but that’s all. It won’t change the way you think or look, or what kind of person you are. It will just look nice.

As we said, a couple of thousands of dollars can be used in many conductive ways. We know for sure that your biggest concern in life isn’t getting that expensive bag. Fix something on your house, go somewhere for a trip, surprise your beloved ones. You will be much happier this way.

One more very important thing is to always have in mind that trends come and go. It isn’t even worthy to throw your money on something that will be proclaimed as old-fashioned in a few months. On the other side, some types of bags can be worn for like all the time. Let’s imagine a fringe bag in all the time editions. It is a little bit hard, as it requires a certain way of clothing. Fringes were so popular last year, but this year the trend is slowing down. And you would burn your wallet for a season or two?

What should you do? 

Further, all said above doesn’t mean you should wear an old-fashioned, outworn bag and be happy with it. Every outfit is instantly improved if you wear the right bag. After all the things you have to do, and all the responsibilities, spoil yourself from time to time. Buy yourself a trendy bag. Why wouldn’t you?

There is some great news about this. You don’t have to spend all the yearly savings to buy a designer bag! Bags designed by mentioned Louis Vuitton, Birking, Channel and others are nice. But, these are not the only designers in the world. There are many others out there. Just because they are not world famous, that doesn’t mean they don’t produce quality bags. Just the opposite, many times those famous designer bags turned out as a total trash. Sorry for the vocabulary, but that is true. And you are still thinking about buying that 10000$ bag? Come on!

You know that there are much less expensive bags out there. You should not have prejudices. When you have the price of 10000$ and 50$, which one would you choose? Let’s say those are the same bags. Of course, you would pick the cheaper one.

Have you ever think of lookalike bags? The designers always try to keep the step with the expensive designers' bags. Many times you can’t tell the difference between the original and the lookalike. Sometimes you will like the color, details, size, whatever about the bag that you would want to buy it, but wouldn’t have enough money. It is totally okay to buy a lookalike.
We have a wide range of trendy, quality bags on our lilasbeautbag.com website. We offer the shoulder, crossbody, leather, fur bags and many more on the site. This is a quality bag brand at awesome prices.

Fur bags are the most expensive category on the site. You can get one for about 180$. And when you compare it to a 7750$ Fendi, what do you say? Besides the name, there is no difference basically.

Leather bags are that all-time favorite type of bag. No matter which design and color you like, the leather bag is something that can last. Just like with the leather boots, belts, coats, the leather bag represents quality.

The sale section is what you should search into. Maybe some of the greatest picks are on sale. You can end up with the nice, trendy bag for some bargain. And that is what will really make you happy. This way you will kill two birds with one stone. You will buy a bag and won’t spend a lot.

Our shopping recommandation

We recommend you to always think in the long run. Don’t get amazed by something in seconds, without seeing the purpose of it in the future. Nice, sparkly bag is maybe something you really want at the moment. Of course, you should buy it! But, always bear in mind that the trend can change very soon. This topic is always very tricky. Always choose quality and the good price over the brand’s name. And that is exactly what you can find on our lilasbeautybag.com website.


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