Runway Bag Style : Big, Beautiful and Beyond !

Julie Rose Vézina

Trend of winter 2020 : functionality. What’s the point of a gorgeous bag if it doesn’t have the ability to carry everything you want and need ?
Handbags, not only carry your essentials, but also are an effortless way to incorporate the latest trends, look put-together and show off your personality. Grab a big one for all your day to day needs, from carrying laptops or files, to those who wants a purse to double as their baby bag !
These are not runway bags, but they have the look AND the function ! And talk about the durabilty of genuine leather ladies ! What more can we ask from a day to day fashion tote ?
1. The Genuine Leather Casual Tote
Genuine Leather Casual Tote in gray
2. The Fashion Genuine Leather Hobo Bag
Fashion Genuine Leather Hobo Bag
 3. The Sheepskin Patchwork Crossbody Bag
Sheepskin Patchwork Crossbody Black real leather Bag
4. The Real Cow Leather Luxury Tote
Real Cow Leather Luxury Tote
 5. The Cowhide Patchwork Travel Bag
Cowhide Patchwork Travel Bag

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