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Some Fashion Bloggers We Adore... and You Will Too !

Lila's Beauty Bag likes to collaborate with women who have flair and style combined with a wonderful personnality. As soon as we met those bloggers, we fell in love...and you will too ! Please meet ...


1. Jenny Donnell from

This sympatic and adorable mother of two from Phoenix, Arizona (US) presents real life and simple pictures of herself with her husband and their beautiful kids. Jenny is a nice blonde who loves hunting bargains for her readers. She rarely pay full price for anything and fully believe you don’t need to skimp on style and quality in order to save money ! You can see her here with our Raffia Corn Skin Beach Bag.

raffia corn skin beach bag with tassels


2. Joti Singh from

This fashionista from Vancouver, Canada, presents stylish pictures on Instagram. You can actually shop her looks directly on her blog posts. Her fashion flair is obvious with every outfit she put together !

You can see her here with our new rivet patchwork tote with fur ball. 


3. Jennifer Quattrucci from

This woman living in Johnston, Rhode Island, USA, juggles 3 full time jobs : mommy, teacher and fashionista, and she does so with such efficiency and niceness that you wouldn't believe it ! You can see her here with our summer style straw red bag.


Jennifer Quattrucci from mommy teacher fashionista blog


4. Tadeja Umek from

Tadeja is a beautiful globe trotter from Sezana,Slovenija. She has a very cool travel blog where she judiciously mix fashion with lifestyle. She also has a nice follow on Instagram too. 

Here she is rockin our Dreamcatcher Bronze Feather Earrings !

Dreamcatcher Bronze Feather Earrings

5. Ciara Myers from Veiledfree

This beautiful young fashionblogger is 28 years old. Married, and mother of a 5 year old little girl she promote brands that she truly love and would recommend to the people she cares about. She lives in Frisco, Texas (US).

Here she is styling our Bali Circle Bag.

Fashion blogger Ciara Meyers styling our Bali Circle Bag




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