The Best Bags of Winter 2019 !

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What type of bag could be a better buy than real fur meets genuine leather handbags ? From the richness of silver fox fur to the softness of mink fur, from the color choices of rabbit fur to the wildness of raccoon fur shoulder bags, Lila's Beauty Bag surely has the fur bag you'll cherish for years to come. Plus, this season, we are adding some very nice and trendy plaid handbags for fall and winter fashion. Make your girl friends jealous and take a look at our fantastic collection !


1. The 100% Fox Fur Winter Bag

100% Fox Fur Winter Bag




2. The Plaid Wool Vintage Bag

Plaid Wool Vintage Bag



3. The Real Mink Fur Messenger Bag

Mink Fur Messenger Bag


4. The Rabbit Fur Balls Shoulder Bag

Rabbit Fur Balls Shoulder Bag


5. The Fashion Nubuck Casual Crossbody Bag

Fashion Nubuck Casual Crossbody Bag



6. The Faux Fur Plush Purse

Faux fur plush blue purse

 7. The New Rivet Patchwork Tote

New Rivet patchwork tote with fur ball


8. The Luxury Cute Handbag

Luxury rabbit fur cute handbag


 Browse our full winter handbags collection!

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