The power and use of malas necklaces and natural stones

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Malas were widely used in the Buddhism and Hinduism through the centuries. These powerful garlands were meant to be worn especially during meditations or prayers. In modern times, people also wear them while practicing yoga and as part of a boho chic fashion style. Yoga and meditation necklaces slowly became a part of daily outfits. Mala always have a special purpose and a significance for the bearer.

This beautiful piece is known to give energy and bring a person into the spiritual world. It is trendy and fashionable, but at the same time, a mala represents a strong power. Mala necklace became a part of the boho chic fashion industry and is exceptionally wearable with many looks. At, you can find a wide range of high-quality malas.

108 beads malas

Number 108 has multiple meanings. There are many versions of why is it important. However, it is reknown that this number brings peace, stability, luck, enlightenment and opens your mind. Here are the interpretations of the meaning of this number:

  • This is a sacred number;

  • It represents the circles through which human soul goes through;

  • Number of breaths to take while meditating on a daily level;

  • It brings spiritual enlightenment;

  • Yoga teaches us that this is the number of sacred places on the human body;

  • This is also the number of sacred places in India.

A mala has 108 beads, while there is also a guru bead. This one is always larger than the rest. It represents the beginning or the end of the string, but also the beginning and the end of the prayer, mantra, meditation or exercise. Some malas have special beads. For example, each 27th bead has a different shape or texture so the counting is easier.

People today make decorative malas bracelets. They have 27 or 54 beads. Still, it is believed that these malas don’t have a special purpose.

How to wear your mala

The first thing you have to do is to perceive your intentions. Each mala has its own purpose and meaning. Because of that, ask yourself which kind of energy you would like to attract.  Remember that you are not limited to wearing only one mala, which is great ! A couple of malas won’t harm netiher you or your style J Oppositely, they will channel the energy all over you.

It is still up to you to decide if you would want to wear a mala around your wrist or neck. As we mentioned above, a real mala has 108 beads. This may seem a bit long, so you can twist it to wear it around your wrist.

However, there are some rules to stick to:

  • Keep your mala off the ground. If a mala touches the ground, it may loose energy. But, don’t be afraid even if it happens. Luckily, there are ways to retrieve the balance and the intention of the mala. For example, the most natural way to do a regain is to expose the mala to a full moon.
  • Don’t let other people touch it. This task is hard, as malas are stunning. They simply attract attention and people want to feel it. Still, this way the energies can mix up or cross over to the other person. If someone touched your mala, do the process we mentioned above or burn a sage next to it.
  • Wear your twisted mala on the right wrist only.
  • Listen to the beads. Yes, there are some rules. However, if you feel uncomfortable with something, it will block the flow of energy. It is always important to trust what the beads and your instinct are trying to tell you.


The energy of natural stones

Malas are made out of many materials nowadays – crystals, pearls, natural gemstones or wood. Crystals and gemstones are the materials through which the energy flows the best. Colors also have a great influence when we talk about malas. Try to combine the color and the stone in order to get the best out of your chosen mala necklace.

Agate – is perfect for improving mental function, concentration and coping with the negativity. Agate releases the tension and makes you feel safe. Blue agate opens up the Third Eye and is good for the Throat Chakra. Black agate keeps you stable and strengthens you.

Jasper – is a stone which symbolizes passion, endurance, and life force. The red color represents the blood also, meaning that Jasper is connected to vitality. It is used in Roots Chakra sessions.

Onyx – represents strength and self-confidence. Black is usually the color of the death, while in meditation it is a symbol of protection from the dark forces.

Amazonite – is a natural stone with a blue and green shade. Wear it in order to affect creativity, communications and to heal trauma. The color of the stone usually brings peace and calmness to whoever looks at it.

Turquoise – belongs to a group of blue stones. This beautiful gem represents honesty, clear mind, trust, and loyalty. Wear it if you want to express your true feelings in a right way.

Howlite – has white, grey and black shades all over. It helps you calm and sleep better, affects insomnia or sleeping disorders. Howlite also reduces pain or tension in your muscles.

Rose Quartz – attracts love, tenderness, and hope. Its color is a light pink. This is the stone of happiness and true love. It also helps you get through the tough times and brings comfort to the wearer. Use quartz for the Heart Chakra.

Amethyst – is one of the most famous natural stones. This purple beauty represents mystery and helps you get the better connection with your mind and thoughts. Amethyst is the stone of intelligence, inspiration, and creativity. Use it for the Crown Chakra.

Citrine – is the stone of the Sun. Its color is yellowish. Citrine brings you optimism and positivity, just like the Sun. You will be happier and feel the good vibrations more intensely.

Tiger’s eye – is not as dangerous as it might sound. As its color is brown, Tiger’s eye is a symbol of the earth. This stone represents your home and the earth. By wearing it, you will definitely be more stable and reliable.

Carnelian – probably reminds you of a carnival when you hear its name. Exactly, this is the vivid stone. If you want to be more active and adventurous wear this stone. It also represents wealth.

– is a stone of destiny, innocence, and illumination. If you want to invoke new beginnings in your life, wear a moonstone mala.

A mala for yoga AND for style

As you can see, malas are a symbol of the good and pure energy. Depending on the natural stone a mala is made of, you will attract a special kind of vibration. It is true that malas are mainly used for the spiritual sessions, but they can be worn every day as a nice and unique fashion accessorie. A mala can keep your protected all the time. And besides, who would resist a cute tassel necklace?

Here at, you can find many highquality mala necklaces. Let your instinct and your intentions lead you to your new everyday accessorie – a beautiful mala.


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